There are three important groups of people that contribute to the running of the Trust and to an individual school as follows:

Members of the Trust

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Members can hold the Directors of the Trust to account, have the power to appoint or remove Directors and are also able to change the articles of association that provide the framework for how the Trust works (subject to various Laws and Regulations that apply).

Directors of the Trust

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Directors are accountable for the overall performance of the Trust across all its different parts.  They also have to ensure accounts are produced each year in line, comply with Company and Charity Law and are legally accountable.  The Directors will take an overview of the performance and standards of the Trust; make strategic decisions for the Trust such as the expansion of the Trust; be responsible for overall estate management and for staffing terms and conditions; approve any Trust policies and agree the Scheme of Delegation that confers powers to any school's Local Governing Body.  They are also responsible for the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer and the Headteachers of schools within the Trust.

All Directors have the same roles and responsibilities as part of the Board.  Decisions are made collectively.  Terms of office are usually 4 years,though some apopintments can be for less than this as set out at the time of appointment.  The exception is the  Chief Executive Officer of the Trust whose appointment, whilst agreed by the Members of the Trust, is not time limited.  Directors elect a Chairman of the Board each year, and also a Vice Chairman.  Currently, the Directors have the following committees as well as the full Board:

  • Finance and Audit Committee which scrutinises the overall financial health of the Trust and monitors to check that financial processes and procedures are robustly followed with different parts of the Trust e.g. each school
  • HR Committee that approves overall staffing terms and conditions and advises on difficult cases as needed; they will also oversee performance related matters for key posts within the Trust such as Chief Executive Officer and Headteachers


Local Governing Bodies

The Directors can delegate powers for governance to a school's Governing Body, referred to as a Local Governing Body.  For good and outstanding schools, the Scheme allows for extensive delegation. 

This is done through a Scheme of Delegation drawn up by the Board of Directors that can be found here.

More Information about Local Governing Bodies can be found on each school's website, also accessed through the relevant school page on this website.