Secondary schools


The Trust is keen to work with geographically local secondary schools who wish to join us in partnership with the aim of providing excellent local provision.  The Trust would also be open to providing support for a secondary school that felt it needed additional support.

Our aim is to develop the Trust with a true partnership across the secondary and primary phases.  Our Board structure allows for representative Headteachers and governors to contribute to the board, demonstrating our commitment to that partnership.

Ensuring schools have a "voice"

The Trust sees it essential that schools have a "voice" and are able to feel valued and secure within the Trust structure.  We do not believe that voice or influence should be restricted by the relative size of different schools.

In addition, we see the Directors very much as a Trust level role.  This means that the Trust Board, made up of Directors, must not be dominated by those drawn from particular schools in the Trust.  For that reason, representative Headteachers or governors contributing to the Trust Board would be from different phases and/or schools.

The role of the Secondary Lead

The current CEO is a secondary specialist, and as such would take a lead role in ensuring the sharing of best practice across the secondary phase or in line managing a Trust appointment to do so.  This sharing of best practice would include  partnership work to solve common problems, review days to support middle leaders in self-evaluation work across the Trust and could also include secondments.  In addition, the Secondary Lead would work closely with the Primary Lead and also attend Board meetings to provide input and expertise at that level.

The role of the CEO across the Trust

The CEO has responsibilities across the Trust.  These will include:

  • taking the role of Primary or Secondary Lead within the Trust, working closely with the other Leads in the Trust or line managing Trust appointments to undertake these roles
  • leading and growing the Trust, working closely with the Trust Board and its committees as required
  • supporting high quality provision across the Trust so that its students and school communities thrive
  • working closely to support the sharing of best practice; this will include meetings with Headteachers and other leaders to develop strategies and responses to different issues and decide how best to use allocated Trust resources
  • ensuring financial health and high quality cross Trust support (such as HR, finance, marketing, procurement etc) 


The role of the CEO in working with schools

The CEO also has responsibilities to each school, and across schools.  These will include:

  • supporting high quality leadership, including opportunities for Headteachers to identify best practice to be shared across schools
  • giving opportunities for staff development within and across schools, using the different expertise each school will have
  • supporting learning reviews, interpretation of data and other forms of self-evaluation as requested by schools and the Trust
  • ensuring the coaching or mentoring of new Headteachers
  • supporting delivery of plans to enhance teaching and learning, and wider support for students


Finding out more....

  • If you want to have an informal chat about possibilities or have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the link here.