Data Protection

The Trust holds a wide range of personal information and is very aware of its responsibilities under Data Protection legislation.  The Data Protection Policy gives more information about these responsibilities. 

This page is a summary of the information available to you about how we process data and meet the responsibilities that we hold as the data controller.  Personal data that we hold includes personal data with regard to students as well as, for example, contact information with regard to parents/carers.  As an employer, the Trust also holds personal information on its employees, including employment history and payment records.

Information on this page includes:

  • a quick overview of Data protection and how it applies to the Trust and its schools
  • information about the data protection officer (DPO) role including contact details
  • how to assert your rights under the data protection act
  • privacy notices that apply to you
  • the Trust's freedom of information policy
  • how the Trust manages photographic images
  • how long we keep personal data
  • how we ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities with regard to data and ICT use
  • the different groups for whom we share data and the third parties that we share this data with
  • information collected on admission of a student to a Trust school

The table at the bottom of the page explains where you can find out more information about Data Protection and processing in the Trust.

Quick Overview:

For a quick overview, please click here:

Data Protection Officer: 

Please note that the Trust has a Data Protection Officer contact email.  This ensures queries or requests go directly to the Data Protection Officer and the team that has responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.  The email is:  Alternatively, you may write to the Data Protection Officer c/o the school address.

Where to find information:

To find out:

Relevant policy or contact details

How to assert your rights under the Data protection act

TR5  Data Protection Policy

The privacy notice that applies to you

Privacy notices can be found at the bottom of this page for:


Parents/carers and named contacts



The Trust's Freedom of Information policy

TR4 Freedom of Information policy

How the Trust manages photographic images

TR10  Photographs of Students policy

The Role of the Data Protection Officer

see the Data Protection Officer page

How long we keep information for those for whom we hold personal data

TR9  Recording and Retention Policy

Steps that we take to ensure that our staff know how to use ICT to comply with our responsibilities

TR8  Acceptable use of ICT Policy

The different groups for whom we hold data and any third parties with whom we share data

The Data and Sharing lists can be found at the bottom of this page. 

We also hold internal records for inspection by the DPO (Data Protection Officer) or Information Commissioner’s Office

The information we collect on Admission of a student to a school explained

Admission information explained; this also explains what we gather and why, and can be found at the bottom of this page.