On-line Counselling

Skyline Support Services offer free online counselling (called Skyline) as well as online group workshops (called SkyCasts) to young people between the ages of 14 and 25 in Croydon, Merton and Sutton. 

Skyline Online Counselling

Skyline gives young people one to one support to help them through difficult times.  It is different to other counselling services as everything happens online.  Rather than talk about problems, young people write about them, giving them space to explore their thoughts and feelings in their own time and personal space. 

All counselling happens through a secure website, meaning young people can exchange private, confidential messages with their counsellor.  Young people are offered a choice of live chat or message based counselling.

How do I refer a young person to skyline counselling?

Young people can self-refer in a few easy steps by registering on the website: talkofftherecordonline.org

Skyline will ask them for some basic information about themselves as well as their reason for wanting counselling. Skyline will respond within 48 hours to set up their initial session.


Skycasts are online workshops for young people providing practical help and information about key issues they might be struggling with.  Skycasts are short and interactive and give young people an easy way to get information, ask questions and share ideas.  Skycasts take place in the evenings and run for about half an hour each.

Young people can sign up to as many SkyCast sessions as they like simply by registering at talkofftherecordonline.org These online group sessions are facilitated by a trained professional covering topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, positive thinking and self-image.

What Skyline say?

We're seeing more and more young people come through to our online service and their feedback shows us that not only do they feel heard and supported online but in some cases this can also be a first step into face to face support. 

Get in touch with skyline to find out more. We can talk you through how the services work and provide you with leaflets and further information on request. Email us at skyline@offtherecordcroydon.org.