Parent/Carers and Staff Responses


-  Parental feedback indicated that 68% supported the change and 32% were against. 

-  Staff feedback indicated that 82% were in favour, and 18 % against.

The common themes across parents/carers and staff included:

For those in favour:

-  Saw it as a fresh start

-  Liked the break from the immediate past and the positive message for the future

-  Thought name should have changed when school moved

For those against:

-  Desire to keep the name Stanley Park for reasons of historical link eg family members, local area and/or link to the Earl of Stanley

-  Felt name change didn’t address problems or reflect past achievements and could lose link to the past

-  Concerns that uniform change would mean major re-purchase

In addition, common themes across all replies were:

-  That the name change, in itself, would not resolve the problems.  Other action was needed too.

-  Wish to keep smartness of uniform and not change this too much

-  Desire to keep the strengths of the school, in particular its current caring ethos and the strength of relationships in the school.

-  Wish to see vocational education continue to be on offer, and students to be encouraged to develop their learning skills.

Trust response to parents/carers and staff:

-  The Trust confirms that it wants to build on the existing strengths of the school and remains committed to both the vocational options and the importance of relationships within its schools. 

-  The Trust accepts that any name change does not in itself change the school.  The Trust is committing resources to support the school’s work.  This will not be an overnight change, but the steps to ensure that students thrive and achieve well are already being put into place.  Staff are committed to students’ future success.

-  The Trust appreciates the need to note the past history of the school and its successes.

-  The Trust agrees that the uniform looks smart.  For existing students, only the badged blazer needs to change (September 2021).