School Name - Decision

Quick overview:

The Trust was not surprised to see that adults, considering the wider picture and looking forward into the future, were in favour of the change of name.  Both groups of parents/carers and staff responded in favour. 

Similarly, they were not surprised that students had a strong loyalty to the name that, for most of them, was the only secondary school they had attended and where there were family connections for many.


The Trust took the reasons given into consideration.  They noted whether reasons were looking at the immediate or the longer term future.  The Trust decided that the long term interest of the school and the community it serves must take priority.  It confirms, therefore, that the school will become known as Oaks Park High School from the date it joins the Trust. 

Future Commitment:

The school’s name change is an important signal of a new vision and fresh start.  The Trust confirms that it will provide a high level of support and advice to help accelerate the school’s progress.  Plans have been drawn up to provide support for the vision of the Headteacher, and the Trust is fully committed to Oaks Park High School and its future success.

Is this a final decision?

Yes.  We have now passed the new name to the legal team that is managing the transfer of the the school to our Trust.  

Next steps:

We hope that you understand the reason for this change, whatever your stance on the proposal.  Having made this decision the next steps are to:

-  Decide the future logo.  Information about the design brief given to designers is on the website.  

-  Change signage and letter heads (much of this must be done in any case, given the Company Law requirements for all Academies)

Before the end of term, the school will also prepare students in Horizon and other schools for the changes, ready for September.

More information is available as follows:

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