Future Governance arrangements

Why is the school changing Trusts?

The Department of Education has directed that Stanley Park High School moves to the CAN Trust.  They have made this decision to make sure that the school gets the support it needs to improve the quality of education. 

How does the transfer work?

Once the legal work is completed and the transfer date is confirmed, the Department for Education effectively closes Stanley Park High. 

The Department for Education then issues the school with a new Unique Registration Number and opens it as Oaks Park High School, an academy in the CAN Trust. 

What about Ofsted?

Oaks Park High School will be inspected by Ofsted in its third year of operation.  It will have a clean slate as far as Ofsted is concerned. 

What about governance arrangements?

The CAN Trust is responsible for the performance of Oaks Park High School.  This means it has to set up governance arrangements.  This means the formation of a new governing body.

The governing body starts with 10 members.  This will include the Headteacher, Mr Amin.  It will also include 2 staff governors and 2 parent governors.  Parents/ carers will be able to vote for the parent governors they want to represent them, and staff will vote to elect the staff governors. 

Ms Allott, CEO of the Trust, will also be part of the Governing Body.  The remaining posts will start by being held by Directors of the Trust who have a very successful track record of school governance.  They will help establish the school priorities and check that the school continues to improve.  Their role in the school’s governance will be vital in that first year.  After that time, they will start to withdraw from the school governance as new governors with the right skill set and skills are appointed. 

How important is school governance to the future of Oaks Park High School?

The governing body holds the school to account, asks challenging questions to help the school move forward and supports those changes that will help the school and its students thrive.  Part of this work is to set up a calendar of work so the school knows the areas under scrutiny and can provide reports and updates to help monitor its progress.

School governance is thus very important.  Those that take on these roles are volunteers who wish to support the work of the school.  They give freely of their time and bring a range of different skills.  We look forward to seeing the new governance structures develop, and hope that both staff and parents/ carers will wish to stand for office and become part of the new governing body.

When will elections take place for the staff and parent/carer governors?

The elections for staff and parent/carer governors will take place in the Autumn term and we will advertise the opportunities and ask for those interested in standing to let us know.  An election will then be held if we have more applicants than positions.

Will the Trust’s Directors always be on Oaks Park governing body?

No.  The intention is that the Trust Directors leave the governing body once processes and a programme of work is established.  The Directors are likely to start vacating the governing body towards the end of the first year of operation.  

How will extra governors be recruited?

The Trust and governing body will look at the skills needed to ensure a strong governing body and make these clear so that those interested can see what is required.  We will then ask for applications and the local governing body will then recommend appointments to the Trust. 

How can I find out more about the governing body?

We will be putting information on the school website during the Autumn term.