Oaks Park High School Logo




Oaks Park High School's logo, shown in a green circle on a blue back ground to reflect how it will be presented on the blazer.


When commissioning the design, we asked the designers to fulfil the requirements listed below:  

Design Requirements:

  • Reflect the Oaks Park theme.  (We had to disregard the tree emblem as a very similar design is already used within the Borough for another school)
  • Incorporate the green of growth, oak trees and the freshness of spring whilst also ensuring the gold from the school colours was included.  (The navy remains the blazer colour so is the dominant colour already).
  • Have a sense of growth and development in the design.  As some parents said during the name change feedback:“From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow…
  • Reflect a person or people somehow in the logo, as schools are all about the school community
  • Design something that will stand the test of time
  • Stand out against the blue blazer with an attractive palette of colours
  • Incorporate elements of the current logo so that existing logos could remain and tie in well