School Name - Proposal

Why did the Trust propose the change to Oaks Park High School?

-  We want to mark a new beginning.  The school will be joining a new Trust and has a newly appointed Headteacher, Mr Amin, who has already started putting into place a new vision for the school.

-  The transfer to the CAN Trust means that the DfE closes Stanley Park High on the day of the transfer, and then re-opens it on the same day as a new school.  Changing its name reinforces this fresh start.

-  The school is close to Oaks Park. The proposed name reflects its location as well as its views looking over green belt land.



Would there be a new logo, to replace the current one?

Yes.  The new logo would be designed to fit in with the new school name.  It would also have links to the old logo within its design so that the old logo can remain on the school fabric without causing problems or generating needless cost.   

Would the school documents and letterheads have to be replaced?

Yes.  However, we have to replace them whether we change the name or not.  New documentation has to show that the school is now part of the CAN Trust.  Changing the name and logo doesn’t make this part of things more (or less) expensive.

What about the uniform?  Would parents/carers have to buy a new uniform in September?

No.  Many of the uniform items will stay the same in any case.  For the rest of the uniform, we propose that we move to a new uniform by September 2021 to avoid unnecessary costs.  

This would mean that students would not need to replace current uniform badged with Stanley Park High logos and names for the next two years.   However, Oaks Park High School uniform would be available by December 2019 for those that need to replace current uniform items.  We hope that this approach will minimise additional costs for our families.

Why can’t the new uniform come in straight away? Or in time for this year’s Year 7 students?

There are several reasons:

1.       The Department for Education decided that the school should move to the Cheam Academies Network (CAN) Trust at May half-term.  The consultation about the school name won’t finish until the end of June.  This doesn’t give enough time to decide and order uniform for our new Year 7, many of whom have already bought their uniform

2.       We know that many families will have bought uniform recently; we wouldn’t want to cause unnecessary expense so having a transition period is more sensible.

3.       Our stockists hold a certain amount of uniform already ordered for the new intake.  It would be unreasonable to change without giving them due notice and could lead to claims against the school if we were unreasonable.

4.       We tried to see if we could simply replace the logo on existing blazer stock and those owned by families.  The uniform suppliers have explained that the current logo would mean that any attempt to sew over or glue on would have a very poor finish.  We also enquired about re-pocketing.  The suppliers explained that this would be expensive and look poor, due to the need to dismantle the lining and pocket, before handstitching the replacement and re-attaching the lining.  This means that change needs replacements rather than adjustment of current uniform and we wanted to avoid this cost.


How much of the uniform would change?

For existing students: the blazer.  We propose that the blazer logo changes, but the colour remains.  We think that the uniform looks smart and don’t see any reason to alter the basic colours.  All other parts of the SPH uniform, including ties, bags and sports tops, will be accepted as currently.

For new students: we propose that the blazer logo will change.  We will also look at the tie incoporating the logo.  Bags and sports tops would be reviewed so that the logo is consistent across these areas. 

Would it be possible to buy sew on or stick-on badges to go over the SPH logos?

We had hoped that this would be possible.  However, the uniform suppliers have explained that the current logo would mean that any attempt to sew over or glue on would have a very poor finish.  We also enquired about re-pocketing.  The suppliers explained that this would be expensive and look poor, due to the need to dismantle the lining and pocket, before hand-stitching the replacement and re-attaching the lining.  We can look at providing the logo on the material if individual parents are confident they have these skills and prefer to do this

Would those that knew the school as Stanley Park lose connection with the school?

We would hope not.  Schools go through a variety of incarnations, both in terms of site movement and also names and this does not stop past students keeping in touch. 

Is there anything special about the Oaks Park near the school? Or is it just a field?

Oaks Park has some history behind it.

In addition, it has a range of community facilities, is a large green space and entrances are within easy walking distance of the school

Would there be huge costs for the school or families due to the name change?

No.  We hope that the two years before families would need to replace blazers would mean that many needed to purchase replacements anyway as students grow or simply wear through them.  The cost of a blazer is about £30.  The suppliers tell us that October is their low stock month, so planning ahead should mean little waste.

Other changes, such as boards, headed notepaper and business related materials have to change anyway.  This is because the school becomes part of a different organisation and we are required by Company Law to show this on school business materials.  Changing the name at this point means we can use changes that have to happen anyway.

Will the Trust just be changing the name or will there be other changes?

The main work of the Trust is to address the problems raised by Ofsted.  It wants to see the examination results reflect the best that students can achieve.  It also wants to keep the many strengths of the excellent relationships and the confidence that so many parents have in the care of their children.

Mr Amin has already shared many of his plans and the reasons for this.  Our role will be to support these changes and also work with the different teams in the school.  Some of this will be very practical: resources, schemes of work and sharing, across the two schools, different ways on how to teach topics that students find difficult.  Other priorities will be to build strong structures and systems so that staff have high quality training, are up to date with changing examination expectations and can thus deliver high quality teaching and support for students.  The Trust will provide more information on arrangements as these are finalised.