Education support (3-19 yrs)

How will CAN support Outstanding All-Through Provision for local children (3-19 yrs)?

CAN believes that building close working relationships between its CAN primary and CAN secondary schools will benefit all its students.  It sees this having several benefits which include:

  • Avoiding “wasted years” by enabling secondary schools to learn more about the primary curriculum and primary teaching thus ensuring the Key Stage 3 curriculum builds on students’ prior knowledge and avoids repetition or gaps in education
  • Primary schools will have access to secondary expertise or facilities in specific subject areas including Science, PE, Technology, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Art
  • Primary and secondary schools working together to share resources relating to special educational needs such as SENCO time or speech and language therapists
  • Schools are more able to support growing Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs through jointly commissioning specialists such as Clinical or Educational Psychologists
  • Supporting opportunities to share best practice in subject specialisms to deepen students’ educational experiences