Cheam High School

Outstanding_Colour_SchoolCheam High School is a large and successful comprehensive school for students aged 11 to 19, sited in Cheam, Surrey.

The school has been judged Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015, 2010 and 2007 as well as in a Mathematics Ofsted inspection in 2012.  It offers a highly inclusive education and has excellent pastoral and care systems as well as opportunities for the individual child to shine.  Its website gives information about its work, ethos and support for different groups of students. 

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Cheam High School's Ofsted reports can be found here.

Teaching and learning are outstanding:

Ofsted summarised this, stating:  Teachers' expert knowledge and passion for their subject, combined with students' enthusiasm to learn, generates high-quality learning and rapid progress. Teaching is often inspirational, stimulating and is enjoyed by students.

IMG_4234Behaviour, personal development and safety are also outstanding:

Underpinning excellent learning attitudes are the strict routines and expectations set by all staff.   Students thrive at the school; there are many opportunities to take part in extra curricular activities, support the local community, take leadership roles and access additional support or stretch and challenge workshops.

Ofsted noted:  Students' behaviour is exemplary in lessons and around the school.  They are keen to learn and get on well with each other whatever their backgrounds.  Students' personal development has a high profile.

IMG_5989Results for Year 11 are outstanding:

Students of all abilities and backgrounds achieve success.

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Sixth form results were excellent:

At Post 16,  the school offers both traditional academic A level courses in 40+ subjects as well as vocational level 3 courses in 12+ different areas.  Students are able to take all A level courses, all vocational courses or a combination of the above.

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It is usual for close to 200 students to  progress to university and other higher education routes..

What Ofsted says:

Progress is outstanding overall and in many subjects.  Sixth formers achieve academic and work-related qualifications which reflect the outstanding progress they make.