Our Vision

Our Vision:

Cheam Academies Network’s (CAN’s) vision is to be a thriving community of primary (i.e. nursery, infant, junior) and secondary schools collaborating and sharing resources to ensure excellence in the educational opportunities provided for local children and young people aged 3 to 19 years.


Our Values and Principles:

CAN believes in equal partnership between the schools in its network and is committed to achieving the best for all children and young people entering its schools.  CAN expects each of its schools to maintain and develop high quality leadership and management so that each school promotes its own identity and makes decisions in the best interest of its school community.  Schools are encouraged to work together to benefit local children and their families.


Our Aims:

CAN aims to promote and support the highest standards of local education.  Its long term aims are to develop an equal partnership of 2-3 secondary schools and 4-7 primary schools within the local area. 

As an accredited sponsor, CAN has the potential to sponsor a new school or sponsor a school that needs some support and will undertake this role where it aligns with CAN’s core purpose of high quality local education for local children.

CAN schools will work together to share resources, make cost savings and develop excellent provision to support the best possible progress for students from the age of 3 to 19 years.